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Nurtingen Review

"He performs his sensual melodies and melancholic lyrics with an inexhaustible vitality and lust for life. With his music he produces that kind of euphoria that brings a bright smile to one's face." Irina Korff, Nürtinger Zeitung, 21.02.2017


Review from The Borderline:

"Boyd’s new collection of super-chilled songs seemed like they were streamed straight from the heart. His audience interaction was also more laidback and untroubled and he had the whole room clicking along to the introduction of one of the new tunes. At times there was an almost spiritual air to Boyd’s delivery, as if he’d finally seen the light and found his way. The industrial pipes and bare wires of the venue seemed to melt with the plush tones of a brand new song never played live before - 'Take it Slow' - so new it had only just been finished this week. Boyd left us all eating out of the palm of his hand with a sweet little singalong song and everyone joining the refrain of ‘Who's standing, who’s standing, who’s standing in your way?'" (01/11/16)

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‘I can’t express how much I love this band; can’t get enough of them!’ 

Hattie Pearson, Xfm (played 'I Want You to Stay' and 'Oh Alaska')


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"Great track - more than deserves to rub those shoulders (Elbow and Pulp)." ('Orion's Belt') - Dave Gorman, Absolute Radio


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"Brilliant!" - Tom Deacon, BBC Radio 1


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"Such a sweet and happy song. It's lovely, I really like it. I think we'll be playing more of that, very nice indeed!" ('I won't let you go')
Graham Norton, BBC Radio 2


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“That’s got a great positive feel for a Monday morning. New one from Robbie Boyd, top new-folk, ‘I Want You To Stay’"

Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music 


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"Robbie has built up an enviable online following Ed Sheeran-style through his canny use of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter - while the quality of his songwriting has impressed industry heavyweights such as Sir Tim Rice. What's not to like?"
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music


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"Putting the 'fun' into fundamentally decent acoustic loveliness"

Pete Donaldson, Absolute Radio


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“Really like this song, very fresh, clean and full of summer promise!!”
(When I Believe) - Neil Fox, Magic FM


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“Robbie Boyd is a very talented new singer/songwriter with the ability to create original songs without losing the commercial touch. I was delighted to feature his compositions Oh Alaska and New Hampshire on my BBC Radio 2 American Pie series where they stood comparison very well with work by several long-established songwriters and performers.” - Sir Tim Rice, BBC Radio 2


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"I really like the style of singing and the tone of his voice. Never Never Land reminds me of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young"
Simon Cowell, Syco


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'I won't let you go' video featured on Rolling Stone Middle East homepage



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Reviews of debut album 'So Called Man'


"Intelligent songs, well played, a voice with a character, punchy production and an appreciation of the dynamic of a whole album."

Simon Li, Universal 


CultureFly album review:



Indulge-sound.com review 4.5/5

Which leads us onto this: So Called Man, Robbie’s joyous debut full-length. It’s a record packed full of personality and meaning, carried by his soft vocals and overflowing with youthful energy. 

IndieLondon.com 4/5

All in all, Boyd has created a memorable debut offering that charms, delights and looks poised to catapult him into the big leagues.

Female First album review 4.5/5

Robbie's band are euphoric throughout with perfect melodies and instrumental pieces that blend well with the vocal - a lot of passion woven together through well-written tracks and raw talent.



Live reviews


WithGuitars.com review of SOLD OUT Bush Hall 'Painted Sky' EP launch - 7/10


"Yesterday night he was at the Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush, a full house waiting for his performance. The front row was filled with children, teenagers with braces, middle-aged people and seniors. Elements of his success a danceable fusion of pop-jazz with hints of rock and blues and his beautifully crafted lyrics, able to create an atmosphere that wraps the listener into an imaginary world.

The band opened with ‘Before It Falls apart’ a rhythmic country ballad that coalesced together percussions, double bass and a clear and clean female choir in the background  that accompanied and exalted the male voice.  The real treat of the performance was ‘Amsterdam’ a song that started as a slow and nostalgic tune, the instruments and the voice alternated and they are both protagonists and predominant. The music slowly grew till it got to its highest peak and exploded with all the elements of the band joining in. The singer surprised his affectionate fans coming off of stage for an unplugged version of ‘I Won’t Let You Go’. Robbie, Adam, Mared and Mike sung the lyrics accompanied only by Robbie’s guitar, one of those intimate, precious moment that, fans will cherish for life and, thinking back, they will be able to say ‘I was there’. The performance was closed by ‘Something Different’; the band went completely ballistic jumping and dancing on the stage following the rhythm of the song, possessed by the melody and by the incredible atmosphere they created and breathed with their fans. 7/10



Read the full 'Thank Folk For That' Review of our SOLD OUT Barfly gig

"The Robbie Boyd Band have very dedicated fans – so much so that two of them even flew in from Italy especially to see them at their sold-out launch party for their latest EP, Spring Generation.  The band powered their way through an hour of music, each song catchier than the last and as foot-tappingly feel-good  as the next, and had the crowd singing and dancing along"

Lizzi Michael, Thank Folk For That


Read the full review of our recent SOLD OUT show at the Barfly

"A set packed full of tuneful, instantly loveable songs"
Chloe Gynne, Gig junkies

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Review of new EP 'Painted Sky'


Alt-UK review 4/5 - read the full review here

Robbie Boyd really does have an excellent voice, and with the focus placed far more upon Boyd you really begin to appreciate just how impressive his vocal tone truly is. Robbie Boyd’s voice is smooth yet strong, soothing to listen to and also hugely appealing. There’s a lot to appreciate about Robbie Boyd’s ‘Painted Sky’ EP. With the high energy, extreme feel good factor of the music, this is an EP that will not only make a great soundtrack to the summer, but also no doubt provide a warming feeling when you listen to it on those cold, dark winter nights, too. It’s a shame there’s only four tracks to the EP really as you definitely feel that you want more, Robbie Boyd certainly displays here that he and his band are to be watched out for in the future though, and it should provide for a hugely impressive listening experience when they come to releasing a full studio album of music. 


Folk Geek EP review 'Painted Sky'- Read the full review here

Robbie has described this EP as upbeat and that’s a slight understatement for this song. With trumpets, soulful backing vocals and summery bongos (yes, bongos!!) this is right up there in the feel good stakes. ‘Before It Falls Apart’ is another upbeat track with an acapella intro and a real live band feel. The EP seems to grow in maturity throughout and I feel like we’re getting another side of Robbie as the record goes on. Beautiful ‘Alaska’ slows the tempo down with a stripped back sound and slight lamenting feel. This is one of my favourites on the EP – the bass line holds everything together perfectly and the hook in the chorus makes it worthy of constant repeats.This more serious side of Robbie even gives us a heartbreak song as a finale, ‘Red Queen’.


Music Week review of 'I want you to stay'

“I’ve seen the raging winds outside my door” despite overcast predictions Robbie Boyd pulls the optimistic stops of summer with some They Might Be Giants afro-folk. Bouncing bongo choruses complete this green and pleasant pop exhalation. 


Live preview from Emerging Icons on Huffington Post: 

Wednesday 3rd July
Robbie Boyd at Bush Hall: Shepherd’s Bush, London

'A couple of days after performing live on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, those happy chappies in the ‘funky folk’ ensemble that form Robbie Boyd will be taking to the stage at the gorgeous Bush Hall. This is a group whose fanbase doesn’t seem to stop growing… from securing top slots at amazing live venues to their countless appearances on national radio; their chipper, organic melodies seem to hit a soft spot in all who hear them. For the ‘Painted Sky’ EP launch party, they’d like to invite all those new music fans looking for fresh feel-good vibes to come and celebrate with them by having a ruddy good knees up. Spirits are going to be high and there should be a fair bit of dancing, so we reckon you’d be proper daft to miss this one.'


Reviews of second EP 'Spring Generation'


We are unseesn - 5/5

"Listening to The Robbie Boyd Band’s most recent EP Spring Generation is like that radiant, reviving winter sunshine you occasionally get amongst the bitter wind and rain. On first listen of this four-track release, I was suddenly injected with a colourful and irresistible energy by the musical syringe that is The Robbie Boyd Band."


Ringmaster review

"Spring Generation is a treat of well crafted melodies and pop soaked hooks but also intelligent and mature songwriting. It is a release which inspires warmth within the heart. It gives all the proof to why there is such a buzz surrounding The Robbie Boyd Band and a defined step in their evolution to an even greater presence in British music."


Reviews of debut EP 'Autumn's Flown'


Lyrical Lucy's Music Review - Autumn's Flown debut EP Review

Mentally refreshed! that is the best way to describe the feeling upon listening to the first track from the EP. This is music that expresses honesty and integrity.

We are living in a world where so much music sounds manufactured and factory production line mass produced, it’s nice to hear a band that are a real working band.

The vocalist Robbie Boyd is extremely expressive and has that rare talent of expressing the lyrics in a believable manner. Death Cab for Cutie and The Corrs style influences in parts, but also a strong retro feel is coming across especially in the track ‘Never never land’ Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Byrds (Turn Turn Turn) come to mind to name a few. Robbie has the talent of story telling through music. There is a feel of peaceful protest coming out. A feeling of 1960s flowers and love all round, make love not war. The beauty is in the lyrics, original and clever plus very importantly, this band seem to enjoy what they do.


Clean Slate Music - 'Autumn's Flown' Review 8.5/10

This is a total breath of fresh air.  Adverse to the title it’s actually perfect Summer listening.  TRBB’s simple arrangements coupled with Boyd’s lovely vocal tones melt into your sub-consciousness and have a wonderful way of relaxing your soul no matter what kind of stresses are going on.  Standout tracks include the recent single ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ and the entrancing ’Orion’s Belt’.


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A Musical Priority - 'Autumn's Flown' Review

‘Autumn’s Flown’ is the debut EP from The Robbie Boyd Band; a band who are going to become known by millions throughout the world over the next twelve months. ‘Angel’ opens the EP in such an uplifting manner with a chorus that will instantly land inside your head and refuse to leave. ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ harbors heart warming harmonies that sound perfect on warm summers day. This is such a sweet song that should be played by every radio station in the land. ‘Orion’s Belt’ weaves perfectly from soft soothing verses to catchy upbeat chorus, that will once again have you singing along at the top of your voice. ‘Never Never Land’ brings the curtain down on the EP with haunting vocals, strings and layers of wonderful sounds. The song contains such a great lyric in “Hold onto your dreams and hold onto my hand”.


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AAA Music - 'Autumn's Flown' Review

'I often feel we are living in a world where so much music sounds manufactured and factory production line mass produced, it’s nice to hear a band that are real, a working band. The vocalist Robbie Boyd is extremely expressive and has that rare talent of expressing the lyrics  in a believable manner, I am hearing Death Cab for Cutie and The Corrs style influences in parts, but also a strong retro feel is coming across, especially in the track ‘Never never land’ Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Byrds (turn turn turn) come to mind to name a few.


Robbie has pure talent, and his voice is not one you can easily ignore or disregard, he has the talent of story telling through music, only few have mastered this through the years ie Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Cat Stevens. I love the Introduction to ‘Orion’s Belt’ and this is my favourite track on the EP, uplifting and jolly, just what we need in these tough times, and the beauty is that again, this band are believable, I also really like the feel of peaceful protest coming out.A feeling of 1960’s flowers and love all round, make love not war!'


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Thank Folk For That - Autumn's Flown Review

Their new EP Autumn’s Flown showcases some of their original busking favourites, as well as some newer additions, and doesn’t hold back on the twee harmonising and songwriting proficiency that The Robbie Boyd Band are becoming known for.


The band are as capable of creating the type of catchy, melodic folk-pop that we saw with early Noah and the Whale and bands such as We Were Evergreen, as they are of making full, more comprehensive pop songs that you may not expect from a group that are still mainly recognised as a busking band. With the lyrical, musical and vocal talents that are showcased on this short EP, Boyd and his band are a force that, with the help from their street following and international renown, could easily dominate any stage or street corner.


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Reviews of debut single 'I won't let you go'


The ROBBIE BOYD Band Plays at SESAC Party – Great Escape 2012

‘I Won’t Let You Go’ is spangled and bubbly. Sweet soulful accompaniments add lush cream to the edge of Robbie’s vocals. And as the jig starts to get hold, your head will start nodding along – and this is even before you get to the ‘Don’t Give Up On Us Baby…’ chorus, and those indolent violins. You can imagine the gently setting sun, as another fine evening draws to a close. Charming.


*   *   *

Right chord music - 'I won't let you go' review

"I Won’t Let You Go is a feel good track if we ever heard one, and songs which make us feel happy and joyous mean only one thing…the first signs of love! [#FSOL] A cheery, bouncy, jolly (I’m running out of adjectives, but you get the idea) song from a band which seem to genuinely love making music and love each other is a very refreshing and welcoming sight. The video is cheeky, fun and impossible to watch without grinning. The track showcases the bands individuality, with harmonies and a wide variety of instruments to keep the upbeat and catchy rhythm.  Their mischievous and folk pop sound is utterly contagious."


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Cougar Microbes - 'I won't let you go' review
"Boyd’s ear for a melody, chipper demeanour and wide range of energetic stringed instrumentation and vocal arrangement was charmingly captivating. The new single ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ has embodied everything that The Robbie Boyd Band do best: Delivering irresistible vocal melodies to twinkling ukulele and mandolin style guitars, shuffling snares and flawless harmonies. They really do have a knack for writing perfectly concise pop songs that sound as timeless as if they could have been written a hundred years ago in front of campfire."


More comments... 


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"They're brilliant"
Darryl Morris, BBC Manchester


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"Really catchy choruses, interesting, entertaining...perfect."
Paul Kramer, The Hit Sheet


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"Such a happy track, it made all of us smile and did everything I wanted it to."
Jo Good, BBC London Radio
FREE download of our live studio session on The Late Show with Jo Good on BBC London Radio


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"The RBB are very proficient players, 'I won't let you go' has been well produced and the song is very accomplished – well constructed and good dynamics. It oozes confidence so maybe they gig a lot on Highway 61. I think I may enjoy a gig - just don’t tell my punk mates!"
Simon Li, Unsigned Band Review


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"Their music is like bubble gum to my ears!"
Lisa Smith, Big Blend Radio


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“Generating plenty of buzz around the London circuit, The Robbie Boyd Band are getting a good live reputation. They’ve got some wonderful songs”
Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio


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"Robbie's colourful & creative compositions accompanied with the raw talent of THAT awe inspiring band make this a live performance you never want to miss. Rarely is a gig so electric."


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"Warm and familiar, The Robbie Boyd Band create music that feels like finding a lost momento. If tracks such as Alaska, Never Never Land and A London Reminition sound as good on the record as they did upstairs in the sunny gallery it will be an enticing and mesmerising piece of spacious folk, with hints of nostalgia for days gone by, but an intensity and directness that keeps it firmly situated in the now. They won’t be unsigned for long."
'Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Robbie Boyd', It's All Happening


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"In the album, I found a sensitively crafted and impressively varied piece of music. This feels like a band with huge potential, great songwriting and some commercial kudos to their catalogue."
'An Interview with The Robbie Boyd Band', Can you hear this


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'Fairies and Folk: The Robbie Boyd Band', Anjali D'Mello


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"I took a pause from photographing to listen to this busker, a singer-songwriter called Robbie Boyd who warmed the cold winter's day and put a smile on my face. My favourite: a song all about London whose lyrics make me feel proud and lucky to be part of this city. Robbie Boyd, I salute you."
Love Pink blog





“That’s got a great positive feel for a Monday morning. New one from Robbie Boyd, top new-folk, ‘I Want You To Stay’"

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